The Idiot's Lantern

The Idiot's Lantern

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Grandview Theatre Needs Your Help!

From a fellow Whovian:
 My dear fellow Doctor Who fans:

I send this today as a matter of some urgency.  The Grandview Theatre, which we all know for their free showings of Doctor Who (among others), as well as their delightful gatherings and mini-conventions, is in need of our assistance.
On July 1, ALL movie theaters in the country will be forced to to upgrade to HD format, or lose the ability to show *any* movies. This is not a hardship for the major cinema chains, but it could and will be fatal to smaller theatres such as our beloved Grandview. 
The upgrade costs ten thousand dollars.  Yes, ten with three zeroes behind it.  They have raised about half of that.  They have about two weeks to raise the rest of it or they will more than likely be forced to close.
I'm opening the floor to discussions about how to help them.  I'll be in contact and planning mode with the Grandview in the near future.  In the meantime, here is a link to their plea:
In Service,
 If you are able to help in any way, no matter how big or small, I am sure any donation would be greatly appreciated! The Grandview has been wonderfully gracious to us Whovians-let us return the favor and give them a helping hand.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Marcon 49!

Hello everyone!

Marcon is only a day away!  I was glancing through the Pocket Program and thought I would mention all the Doctor Who-themed panels for the weekend.

Keep in mind, times and dates may change!  Because I'm not 100% sure of the availability of the net at the hotel, I'm not sure if I will get to update you through this blog of any last-minute changes.

7:00 pm - Morrow - Do You Doctor Who
A make and take panel of things related to Doctor Who and round-table discussion of what we like/don't like about Doctor Who.

8:30 pm - Knox - Doctor Whose Line Is It Anyway?
The Confused Greenies of Players' Patchwork Theatre Company return for more sci-fi themed improv games hosted by Dalek Skarino!  The points don't matter-but the losers might get exterminated!

10:00 pm - Madison - How I Met Your Doctor
How did you end up succumbing to the lure of Doctor Who?  Which Doctor was your gateway?

10:00 am - Union B - Doctor Who for a New (Re)Generation
Doctor Who is fifty years old, but has an increasing number of young fans all over the world who show their love by doing everything from wearing bow ties and ticking of sightings of the Silence, to tattoos and custom painted Converse shoes.  What is it that's drawing interest of folks who hadn't even been born yet when the show went on hiatus in the late '80s: the stories, the stars,  cable availability of the show, the hint of romance> or something else entirely?

11:30 am - Marion - Dottore Who & the Convenient Plot Device
The foolish denizens of Planet R-L-Kwin have modeled their society after zany comedic theatre.  But when their convoluted storylines fail to resolve, it means the Convenient Plot Device has been stolen!  Luckily Dottore Who is about to crashland on R-L-Kwin... how convenient is that?

1:00 pm - Union B - The Companions of Doctor Who
In fifty years of television, the Doctor has almost never traveled alone.  His companions have served as avatars for the viewers, allowing the Doctor to remain slightly inscrutable while maintaining a connection to us.  Which companions have best fulfilled this role?

I think that's it-if you know of anything that is missing, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment. 

Hope to see you at Marcon this weekend!

Monday, May 05, 2014

Post 400!!!

Welcome to our 400th post!  To celebrate, here are a few interesting items I came across on Facebook.

Rian Heist has started a kickstarter project  for Dalek Con 2014-Cincinnati's first Doctor Who convention! 

Andrew thinks we need a Doctor Who themed bar, like like they have in Portland.  I agree! :)

Also, filming for Series 8 of Doctor Who continues and some clips of Capaldi and Coleman filming an episode have surfaced. (spoilers!)  Series 8 will air sometime this fall.

Don't forget our monthly meetup is tomorrow and Marcon is this weekend!

May Meetup!

Hello everyone!

Just a reminder our monthly meetup is tomorrow from 7 to 9 pm at the Kingsdale District Market.
Come join us for food and fun conversation about our favorite Time Lord!

Don't forget Marcon is this weekend!

Hope to see you there!