The Idiot's Lantern

The Idiot's Lantern

Friday, January 06, 2006

Welcome to Doctor Who Columbus' Idiot Lantern

This group is devoted to Ohio fans of The Doctor, the anachronistic, eccentric, brilliant hero of British science fiction.This group is meant for exchanging opinions, discussing ideas, and sharing the appreciation of Doctor Who in a fun, friendly atmosphere without bureaucracy.We have monthly get-togethers in the Columbus/Central Ohio area to socialize and discuss Doctor Who and related science fiction! It's not only Doctor Who, but more!!!


Romana1 said...

This is a great idea! :)

Angela said...

Awesome, I am not much of a blogger, but I would love to come to the monthy meetings. If you wouldn't mind letting me know the date and time! PS - I can't believe Catherine Tate is going to be in the new season!

tardislove said...
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tardislove said...
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tardislove said...

hi this sounds interesting. my friend saw your ad at OSU. do you have a facebook group? it'll make updating info/calendar information much easier.

TheDoctor Thursday said...

Hello my name is Bryan and I’m a Doctor Who fan in a burb of columbus Ohio and I am also the co owner of The Doctor Who experience and Cardiff in the MMO Second Life we are an online sim dedicated to all things Doctor Who so drop by and say hi. If u don’t have a second life account and wwould like to have one you can sign up here: http// plz do not perceive this as spam I just wanted to tell my fellow Ohioans about this awesome group of people who all share common interests.
If you have a second life account look me up my second life name is TheDoctor Thursday.
Well I hope to attend your meetings in the near future and I hope ill see u online or in real life.=)
Your fellow traveler in time

X said...

Please come and be a part of our event on May 4, 2013
Friends of the Time Lord Mini-Con