The Idiot's Lantern

The Idiot's Lantern

Monday, January 30, 2012

February Steering Meeting

Hello everyone!!

Just a quick reminder that February's steering meeting will take place this Thursday, February 2nd, from 7-9pm at the Giant Eagle Market District at Kingsdale in Upper Arlington. (

Come throw in your two cents! Marcon is coming soon and we need to plan staffing in the video room. Of course, if you want to come hang out and just talk Who, that is fine too! :-D

Hope to see you there!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Doctor Who Fan Orchestra (DWFO #3): Rose's Theme/Doomsday

This past summer, I joined the Doctor Who Fan Orchestra-an online collaborative project to celebrate Murray Gold's music for the series. I discovered the group through one of my Doctor Who feeds, when they released their first work, "I Am the Doctor." After watching that first video, I was incredibly excited to discover that they were recruiting for their second piece, "This is Gallifrey/Vale Decem". For several weeks I rehearsed, recorded, and re-recorded my part-and it was worth it! :) Members sent in audio recordings of their individual parts (and multiple parts, if they were playing more than one instrument or submitting a vocal part), along with an optional video.

This is our third collaboration, "Rose's Theme/Doomsday":

We had 154 individual participants, from 18 different countries! (sweet, huh?)

If you would like to participate in the next piece, follow Stephen Willis, socksofbalhoon on YouTube-he will be releasing a recruitment video in the near future. :)

To find out more about the DWFO, check out the DWFO blog. :)

If you do join, (or have previously participated), please send me a note so I can mention you here on this blog!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Marcon 47!!

Hello everyone! Marcon 47 is just around the corner! This year Marcon will be held Easter weekend (April 6th-8th, 2012). If you are interested in volunteering this year, here's a message from our fearless leader, Andrew:

So that time of year is rolling around again. I know several of you
will not able to attend Marcon this year, but as I am Vice Chair, and
running a couple departments, I will be. Right now I am looking for
volunteers to help us run the Video room, and run the Friday Night
Beach Party.

Many of you have helped in the video room before, and this year is no
different. I need about ten total volunteers, and have several
already. If you are interested please email me back, and let me know
how much time you might be able to help with. Just to let you know
too, we are certainly going to be showing several episodes of this
past seasons' Doctor Who. As well, I am showcasing all of Season 5 of
Sarah Jane Adventures. Sherlock Season 2 will make an appearance, as
should Merlin series 4, Being Human 4, Big Bang Theory 5, Psychoville
2, Torchwood Miracle Day, and new series, The Fades.

As well, new to this year is an idea that I brought from my travels to
Gallifrey Con in LA. They have hosted a convention party or gala event
each Friday night of con. We will be having one based on this year's
theme of Galactic Beach Party. To that end, I have procured tons of
decorations, and Beach movies to play on the wall, and we should have
some Lifeguard and Surf board props. It will all be set up in the room
the dance is normally held in, Fairfield. Running from 8pm to 2am it
will have an Open Bar, Karaoke, Beach Ball Volleyball, Limbo, and
several other games. I am looking for help setting up, as well as
volunteers to staff the room while it's running. We should have
security staff, and Gophers for the door check, but otherwise two or
three people would be helpful.

If either of these interest you, then please let me know asap and I
will start contacting you with more details.

Also, news on the guest front, we have confirmed Julian Glover and
Kyle Gass as our Media guests so far. Kyle is one half of the comedy/
musical group Tenacious D, and has stared with his other half Jack
Black in most of his movies. Julian Glover you should know from his
roles in Classic Doctor Who as King Richard in the 1964 story, The
Crusades. As well, he was Count Scarlioni/Scaroth in Tom Baker's City
of Death. His many other movie roles have included, General Veers in
Empire Strikes back, Aristotle Kristatos in For Your Eyes Only, Walter
Donovan in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the voice of Aragog in
the Harry Potter series and Grand Maester Pycelle in Game of Thrones
on HBO. Also on the Who front Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg will be joining
us. He is currently researching for his upcoming book, Red White and
Who, the history of Who fandom in America. We have several more guests
in other areas, and at least one more Media guest to announce on the
horizon with more to follow. Watch this space, or visit us at for more details.

Thanks, and see you there!
Andrew Raymond
Vice Chair Marcon 47
April 6-8 2012 Hyatt Regency Columbus

(Andrew's email can be found in the DWC Yahoo list)

The deadline for Marcon 47 staff forms/fees is this Monday-January 23rd. Not sure if you'll know by Monday? No worries! Andrew is planning on reserving a few slots, however these will need to be filled by Tuesday, March 20th. Keep in mind, though-these slots will be limited-so if interested, please reserve one as soon as possible. If you want to volunteer and are unable to make the January or March deadline, you will have to pay full price and 'Gopher' your fee back. (for more on Gophering at Marcon, see Volunteers (Gophers) at

Thank you for volunteering!