The Idiot's Lantern

The Idiot's Lantern

Friday, November 03, 2006

Doctor Who news

Series 2 (season 28)
Fridays, 8pm EDT on the SciFi Channel

Current episode:
6. The Age of Steel, part 2

Previous episodes:
5. Rise of the Cybermen, part 1
4. The Girl in the Fireplace
3. School Reunion
2. Tooth and Claw
1. New Earth (9:30pm EDT)
The Christmas Invasion (8:00pm EDT)

Doctor Who on BBC7:
Check out BBC7's Listen Again page to hear the 8th Doctor audios from Big Finish. Current epsiodes are available for one week after it originally airs.
This week:
Sunday, November 5th: Stones of Venice, part 3

Sunday, October 29th: Stones of Venice, part 2
Sunday, October 22nd: Stones of Venice, part 1

Sundays, 9pm, GMT on BBC3

Current episode:
4. Cyberwoman

Previous episodes:
3. Ghost Machine
2. Day One
1. Everything Changes

Hey, guess what! Outpost Gallifrey is back! (Or will be very shortly-the news section that is). Click on the website link to get the full details. Yay! :)

Doctor Who took 3 awards home at the National Television Awards (NTA): Best drama, most popular actor-David Tennant, and most popular actress-Billie Piper. I love David's comment as he accepted his award. Congrats to all!

Series 3 casting update: Miranda Raison, from the BBC show Spooks is set to star as a showgirl from 1930s New York in an episode in the new season. Ryan Carnes, from Desparate Housewives is also lined up for a role in the new season. Hmmm...interesting!

According to Unitnews, Torchwood's first two epiosdes did extremely well in the ratings. The repeat on BBC 2 also brought in 2.5 million viewers. Nice! Those who have seen it-what do you think of the show?

First spotted on Sarah Jane.TV (and yes, it would be like me to find a blog dedicated to the Sarah Jane Adventures), a partial transcript with a link to an interview Elisabeth Sladen did for BBC Norfolk. She talks about School Reunion and a little bit about her new show. This is just a short transcript, as more of the interview will be released in December.

TAFN, happy Who watching!

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